Walk Kangaroo Island


From $5995
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This fully hosted trip uses a comfortable 4WD to link up the best walks. It leverages the experience and relationships built up by your hosts, Craig and Janet Wickham, with over 30 years in experiential travel. We introduce you to producers, artists, ecologists and business people who are Kangaroo Island stalwarts.

It’s amazing what you see when you slow down to a natural pace – the tiny details, the big sky. Your senses all come into play – the sounds, the heady smell of the sandhill daisy as you brush past, the feel of dry leaves crunching beneath your feet, or sand shifting on an impossibly white beach. Things we took for granted as children we can now seek out to make us more grounded, relaxed and reconnected.

We want to connect with the landscape, our wildlife, our produce and our community. To discover the sense of place that makes our Island home a particular destination. This is what we seek when we Walk Kangaroo Island. We are not walking a linear track; instead, we have curated a selection of walks through conservation reserves, national parks, along cliff-tops and through private property.