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Whale Watching & Ocean Explorer Tour

Eyre Peninsula

From $110

Join us onboard our 50ft passenger vessel 'Asherah' and explore ALL our stunning bay and coastline has to offer in the midst of the incredible southern right whale migration.

Taking in the rugged cliffs and magnificent little coves of Point Fowler, you'll enjoy playful interactions with our beautiful Australian Sea Lions.

Fowlers Bay is home to an abundance of endangered, vulnerable and protected species of marine mammals and oceanic bird life. Let us give you the opportunity to engage with some of Australia's iconic creatures including :
Southern Right Whales
Humpback Whales
Common Dolphins
Bottlenose Dolphins
Australian Sea Lions
New Zealand Fur Seals
Little Penguins
White Bellied Sea Eagles

In this interactive and informative cruise, you'll discover the fascinating yet brutal history of Fowlers Bay, learn about Whale Baleen Plate, hold some very rare Ambergris and listen to realtime underwater acoustics including the famous Humpback Whale Song!

Please note : Whilst Fowlers Bay is a recognised southern right whale nursery where sightings and interactions are probable during the winter months - all of the animals are wild, and EP Cruises makes no guarantee for interactions with any of the above species.