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Nuyts Archipelago Expedition

Eyre Peninsula

From $3000
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Accommodating up to 10 expeditioners and 3 crew, this tour is the ULTIMATE bucket list experience, but it is certainly not for the faint hearted!

Our base camp, overlooking Petrel Bay on St Francis Island, is 60km off the mainland, making it the most remote island camping adventure in South Australia.

Over 4 days and 3 nights, you'll explore new islands, beaches and reefs - splendours which so few have ever experienced.

For avid bird watchers, the Nuyts Archipelago is a sanctuary for a variety of pelagic birdlife. This expedition aims to capture the nesting and mating season of the short-tailed shearwaters, which St Francis Island alone has a population of over 273,000 pairs.

The nights out here are like no other – sitting around a campfire on the beach with a wine in hand and good company, or lying in the comfort of your double swag under a million stars which light up the sky. Our expeditioners step out of their comfort zone and embrace the raw beauty and untapped wilderness that the isolated archipelago delivers.