Temptation Sailing


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Temptation is a 58-foot sailing catamaran which operates only 15 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD. Temptation Sailing offers a variety of products including Wild Dolphin Swim/Watch Tours, Twilight Cruises, Afternoon Tea Cruises and Private Charters.

Temptation is surveyed to hold up to 50 passengers and is an extremely stable and spacious vessel. ‘Temptation’ contains a fully licensed bar, a spacious furnished cabin and a 360 degree viewing deck.

Temptation is the first vessel in South Australia to be given a dolphin swim license and has been conducting successful wild dolphin swims in Glenelg, South Australia since January 2002. Over many years, we have developed a relationship with the dolphins of Adelaide and this is possibly the only cruise of its type where we don’t go to the dolphins, they come to us!