Hufendorf Walking Tour, Hahndorf, South Australia

Adelaide Hills

From $32

Hufendorf Tour - approximately 90 minutes, one kilometre tour along part of the main street and then into areas not open to the general public in the Hufendorf (the original layout of the Village). You will be guided by owner/operator Sharon Pippos. Easy paced, fun and engaging.

Learn about Fachwerk architecture, Pioneer Women's walking trail and more. A local who knows Hahndorf and all its hidden secrets both now and in the past. This tours is suitable for people with mobility issues and children are welcome. Hahndorf was settled by Prussians that escaped their country because of religious persecution - now that is an interesting story to hear about! Do you know what was found under the Hahndorf Academy? Learn more. Group bookings are encouraged.
Minimum 2 people or pay for 2.