Giant Pandas

Meet Wang Wang and Funi, Adelaide’s two giant pandas

They are the only giant pandas in the southern hemisphere. The pair arrived at Adelaide Zoo in 2009; one and a half years after the Wenchuan earthquake in China destroyed their original home. Today they are popular, Adelaide celebrities, with thousands of people visiting them each year.

Panda bathing, Adelaide Zoo, South Australia

Come face to face with the pandas at their fantastic enclosure. The area is as big as two house blocks and there is plenty of space for the pandas to enjoy. The kids will love pressing their faces up against the glass. Get them to point out who’s who.


Wang Wang has a reputation for lazing about in the shade, while Funi is more playful.

Don’t be surprised by how much Wang Wang and Funi eat. Giant pandas must eat for more than 10 hours per day to meet their nutritional needs. That’s a lot of bamboo!

Giant pandas are an endangered species, with less than 2,500 left in the wild. The zoo hopes that Wang Wang and Funi will have at least one panda cub during their ten year stay in Adelaide.

Take a tour

If you want to see the giant pandas and avoid the queues, book a viewing time online before you arrive. For something special, go on a behind the scenes tour and learn more about the pandas. Prepare their breakfast and help to release them into their day enclosure. One tour also includes a behind the scenes experience at the red panda exhibit and a guided walk around the zoo. It’s worth experiencing to get the most out of your visit.

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